• Our Mission

    C.H.I.L.L passionately focuses on increasing the likelihood of students’ success through interactive learning experiences, financial support, and social preparedness.

  • About C.H.I.L.L.

    C.H.I.L.L. offers a unique program that targets high school juniors and seniors by providing them with the secret handbook to maneuvering through the obstacles of college. Our students receive first hand experiences from current college students through thought- provoking discussions and interactive workshops.


    CHILL mentors junior and senior high school students in the metro DC and Atlanta areas. Current college students and recent graduates provide their perspective of college life which helps students navigate through their matriculation successfully.

    Community Service

    CHILL has partnered with organizations such as the Boys & Girls Club, as well as local recreation centers in order to continuously serve the youth in our community.


    CHILL promotes higher learning and upholds scholarship by encouraging high school students to strive for academic success. We are striving to provide financial support to assist with academic endeavors.

    Panel Discussions

    CHILL hosts interactive panel discussions that provide high school students with the opportunity to have their questions and concerns about college addressed. Students receive practical advice and personal insight regarding every aspect of college life.

    Summer Programs

    CHILL's annual summer program “Survival of the Fittest, Your Guide To Navigating Through College” is an interactive 4 session crash course that provides students with a snapshot of what to expect in college. It exposes students to potential challenges they may face in college and how to overcome those challenges.

  • Meet the Founders

    In the fall of 2010, five young women, who are now graduates of Howard University, saw the need for a mentorship program that assisted students with their matriculation through college. These ladies were not privileged to have someone guide them through the various obstacles they faced. They were determined to make a change for the students that followed them.

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    Shynell Cooper


    Shynell Cooper is an assistant coordinator of an after school program at Markham Elementary School in Oakland, CA. She received her B.S. in Health Sciences from Howard University in 2013. While being a student at Howard, Shynell understood the importance of having a mentor. She realized that transitioning to college from high school is not easy. Her decision to become a mentor and pass down knowledge to youth under her is the most fulfilling and rewarding thing that she has ever done. As C.H.I.L.L. continues to expands, Shynell only hopes that she can continue to INSPIRE students to GROW to their full potential, so that they can ACHIEVE the goals they have set before them.

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    Roxanne Daley


    Roxanne Daley is currently in her third year of law school at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. She graduated from Howard University in 2013 with a B.S. in Psychology. Throughout Roxanne’s matriculation, she learned how vital it is to network with her peers, become a leader, and lend a helping hand to others. As College Has Its Life Lessons expands, Roxanne is confident that it will continue to promote excellence among students who matriculate through high school, college, and graduate school.

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    Britni Knott


    Britni Knott is a graduate student at Georgia State University, pursuing a Master of Public Health, with a concentration in Management and Policy. She received a B.S. in Health Sciences from Howard University in 2013. While at Howard University, she learned the importance of higher education and how to use her college experiences to excel in life. As a mentor and youth leader, she envisions C.H.I.L.L. impacting the lives of students around the world and creating successful future leaders.

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    Kyera Perry


    Kyera Perry has previous experience as an elementary educator and is currently pursuing a license in Real Estate. Before attaining a career in education, she matriculated at Howard University and eventually graduated with a B.S. in Human Development, and an M.Ed. in Early Childhood Education. During her time on campus, she discovered ,through her own experiences, that there was a need to help students understand the reality of being on a college campus. Through C.H.I.L.L., Kyera hopes to expose youth to the obstacles and lessons they will face on their journey, in order to help them be successful. As a result , they will achieve greatness and be inspired to impact the upcoming generations.

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    Myriah Sparks


    Myriah Sparks completed her MBA at Clark Atlanta University with a concentration in Marketing. She is currently a Senior Consultant with North Highland Consulting. She attended Howard University where she received her bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Myriah discovered her passion and purpose for giving back through mentorship because it was something she lacked growing up. Her vision for C.H.I.L.L. is to continue to impact the lives of youth and providing them with the resources they need to achieve any level of success not just in college but in life.